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NYTT 2021 - Exhibition of Fine Arts graduates

Kunsthalle Turku, Turku, March 2021

Installation shot by Niko Tampio

Right now, it has been topical to describe the passage of time. In my works I have included e.g. the ideas of cosmic primrose, aging, the meaning of gray, and the circular motion of the being. I have felt the presence of a humane to be important, in addition to the cosmic scale. Such a presence is typically described by small gestures.


I have also studied oil painting itself, its characteristics, and sought to test the medium's ability to bend in the direction I want. In particular, I have used the time to consider the relationships between the colors, the relationships between the surface areas, and other means - painterly gestures - for with I can express for instance a topic, a theme, or a feeling.

My paintings have their own rules and laws, but they are not closed systems where the solutions are clear.

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